Our services


Analyze and design systems that uniquely accommodate all your technology requirements for you as a customer. Use of current AV/IT systems to update and upgrade your current existing systems. Choosing optimal equipment that will be used to bring the client ideas to life.

Project management

Providing best solution obtions based on projects objectives and needs. Coordinates the preparation of a project budget by providing cost estimates for the labor, equipment, and materials costs. Implementation of the work defined in the project and made adjustments when the project factors changed.

System integration

Ensuring that technologies are integrated for maximum efficiency and productivity. Keeping your AV/IT system healthy so that your day-to-day operations are not affected by any issues. Provide ongoing technical support and service to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly and that all issues can be addressed.


System installation on site is monitored if needed. Once the systems are ready for commissioning, the on-site system tests are performed as defined by the commissioning plan, punch lists are prepared if needed, and the system is turned over to the owner.

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